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Re: lynx-dev Latest May lynx can cause AMD CPU to segfault when compi

From: vtailor
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Latest May lynx can cause AMD CPU to segfault when compi
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 14:13:38 -0400

>     * Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 21:22:38 -0400
>If you are using the MingW32 compile of the recent May lynx source, you
>may start getting segfaults in crtdll.dll.  A quick fix that stops the
>segfaults is to change all the "-O3 -mpentium" compiler options in
>makelynx.bat to "-O".
>You may also want to try out the define that gives you an estimated time
>of arrival "ETA" for downloaded files, and check out the LYUtils.c file
>for a missing #ifdef that causes the MingW32 compile to misfire.

P. S.   Other optimizations that don't cause crtdll.dll to crash are
"-O5 -mpentium", "-O -mpentium", "-O5", etc.  Using "O5 -mpentium"
causes a noticeable speed increase in lynx.exe operation.

I should mention that this is a "Morgan" (disfigured Athlon XP) AMD
processor at 1000 Mhz., but I think the problem should also occur with
the previous "spitfire" series.  People using Linux on an AMD system
might want to change the optimization settings on their Makefile files
to determine whether the problem is repeatable under Linux.

Also, this motherboard is an "all in one" motherboard, with the PCI
video card interrupt tested at "on" and "off" (leave it "off" for best
onbard video performance).  And, the L2 cache is disabled on this
motherboard, because leaving it enabled doesn't improve benchmark
performance or gcc compile speed, and disabling L2 lowers the operating
CPU temperature by several degrees fahrenheit.

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