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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.8

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.8
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 16:55:08 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2002-05-28 (2.8.5dev.8)
* updated makelynx.bat (address@hidden).
* recognize charset value in meta description even if content-type is not
  given, in  LYHandleMETA() -VH
* remove ifdef that disabled home/end keys with Cygwin configuration -DK
* fix a problem when whereis target string, which includes Japanese and is top
  of the second line in the link string, is in the current link (patch by
  Hataguchi Takeshi).
* fix a problem with highlighting Japanese string (patch by Hataguchi Takeshi).
* modify LYDownload() to ensure that local addresses under DJGPP using the
  special form of path beginning "/dev/" are passed to external programs
  without stripping the initial slash from the path.  This special form of path
  will be understood only by other DJGPP programs.  Addresses of the form
  "/dev/x/" are equivalent to the DOS path "x:\".  Addresses of the form
  "/dev/env/VARI" are equivalent to the environment variable "VARI" -DK
* modify remove_bookmark_link() to assume that OS/2 EMX does not allow rename
  of a file overwriting an existing one -IZ
* recognize local .php files as HTML files (patch by Karl Eichwalder
* change LYCurses.c to not redefine gettext(), and use ScreenClear() instead
  of clrscr() for DJGPP -DK
* the DJGPP port of Lynx once used to compile with DJ Delorie's tcp/ip library. 
  It is no longer the case; Watt-32 is required.  Changed to assume WATT32 is
  defined when DJGPP (or __DJGPP__) is defined (patch by Gisle Vanem).
* change LYKeycodeToString() to provide a default translation for characters
  which are not key-symbols, etc., so they may be used in command scripts
  with the -cmd_file option (reported by Christoph Fabianek) -TD
* new po files (ca.po, et.po, it.po, zh_TW.po) and updated de.po from, used msgmerge to align
  with 2.8.4's lynx.pot and corrected some minor issues highlighted by
  check_po script by Stefan Hundhammer <address@hidden> -TD
* some cleanup/restructuring of HText_SubmitForm(), incomplete - toward
  implementing correct MIME boundary -TD
* revalidate user's guide and related files using W3C validator via file-upload
  facility -TD
* simplify some loops in GridText.c using new function next_anchor() -TD
* quote field-names used when submitting form-data as suggested in RFC 2068
  (report by Lieven Tomme <address@hidden>) -TD
* remove configure-check for mkstemp(), which is redundant given that lynx
  writes temporary files in a directory which is not readable by other users. 
  On more than one system (e.g., Solaris), mkstemp() is not usable in the
  manner we attempted, since it does not necessarily choose a distinct name if
  the previously-chosen filename no longer exists (report/analysis by PG) -TD
* correct a typo in configure macro CF_HEADER_PATH which told the script to
  look for header files in the user's $HOME/lib rather than $HOME/include
  directory -TD
* update config.guess, config.sub -TD
* add check for HTTP headers using Netscape extension "Refresh", and if found,
  add a corresponding refresh-url at the beginning of the document.  Fixes
  Debian #126723.
* strip username from URLs used in an HTTP GET, and warn about this condition.
  The example given was
  the text of which could mislead a user into believe it was an official site
  (reported by Frederic L W Meunier) -TD
* add limit checks in HText_trimHightext() to fix an infinite loop visiting
  this site (which contains a form with only hidden input fields):
  2- Click "Cadastro" and accept all cookies
  3- Click "[accepte.gif]"
  (reported by Frederic L W Meunier) -TD

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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