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lynx-dev LYNX: can lynx optionally *ignore* temp-screenwidth?

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: can lynx optionally *ignore* temp-screenwidth?
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 03:49:26 -0400
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Here's the hoopla I have to go through now,
and I'd like a simpler way to accomplish
the same thing.

First, note these aliases:

> alias wide
stty cols 158
> alias nowide
stty cols 79

When running lynx, for easier reading (and for P-rint-ing),
I like lynx to display stuff as if the screen
were 79 columns wide.

When running, say, vim, vi, emacs, mutt, everything
seems to work much better with 158 cols.


Now, I see something in lynx that I want to download
(eg something from Salon) and email to a friend.

So I have screenwidth at 79 ("nowide") so that lynx
will produce something easy to read on normal
8x11 paper.

But, with all that "references:" stuff at the
bottom, plus the usual garbage so many downloaded
pages have at the top or at the bottom or both,
before I send it off, I want to edit that
stuff off the text.

So I P-rint the doc to disk,
do a ^Z, and get ready to run vi or emacs
so as to do that trimming I want.

But since vi or emacs works *far* better
with cols set to full actual screen-width,
I have to change it.

So I issue my alias, "wide".

Then vi foo.out,
do the editing,
w and q,

and fg back into lynx --

but no, I have to reset the
screenwidth narrow:




Now, when you're doing a *lot* of that kind of
thing, it gets to be a pain.

Would be *very* nice if lynx had a command
by which I could tell it "freeze what you
*now* think as the width, and keep using
*that* width, *regardless* of what cols
equals when I fg back into you (lynx).

That way, I'd set the width
and start up lynx,
freeze lynx's screen-width state,
and browse a bit,
 and print something to a file (will be narrow),
vi foo.out   (will be *wide*)
mutt -s "crazy article" address@hidden < foo.out
   browse some more.

Far smoother this way, due to that one simple ability
of lynx to *ignore* the actual screen-width current-setting.

Any ideas?

If not, can this modification be added to the todo list?



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