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Re: lynx-dev Selecting Printer Friendly by Defalt?

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Selecting Printer Friendly by Defalt?
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 08:30:26 +0100 (BST)

> You know, most times when I visit pages in Lynx, I end up searching for the
> worlds print, printer, or graphic as in lo graphics?  Would their be some way
> to have those pages come up automaticly if available?  I am not a programmer,
> just a happy user--thanks so much

The right way to do this would be to use link elements with appropriate
rel= attributes (which would have to be standardised) in the head element.
You might just convince the people using low graphics versions to do this,
but I don't think the printer frienly people want automatic selection of
that version in interactive mode, and won't normally have an 
accessibility brief.

There are also proposals to increase the amount of data that browsers
send about themselves, but this causes privacy concerns and, also, run
of the mill web designers have not made proper use of content negotiation
in the past, and some have even just generated "please upgrade" messages
instead (although many of these are the result of <noframes> or <noscript>
elements processed completely on the client side.

If you want to discuss such hinting, the address@hidden mailing list
(follow links from (second time today!) would 
probably be about the best place to look, although most designers will
never look there, but then you posted to a Lynx list.

Otherwise, all you could really do is create some sort of pattern match
mechanism, but you would need some programming skills to configure it and
would get some false posiitives, especially if you relied on a compromise

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