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Re: lynx-dev https addresses, accessible flight schedules

From: Fiber McGee
Subject: Re: lynx-dev https addresses, accessible flight schedules
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 14:05:03 -0600

Forwarded message from Thorsten Glaser <address@hidden>:

begin  electrogrammati illius Doug Kaufman

>I generally use a Cygwin lynx with openssl that I compile myself. I
>did try Thorsten's binary and it seemed to work without trouble on my
>Win98SE machine, but I didn't test it extensively. I don't remember
>if I used arrow keys - I usually use the VI keys. It is compiled with
>PDCurses, modified by Thorsten. I don't know what changes from the
>standard Borland build of PDCurses were required.

Mostly keyboard issues, compare German vs. English keymap - I don't
want my lynx to give z when I hit y and the umlauts and braces not
working at all...

>I don't think that there is any more documentation.

Apart from changes required to compile and the visible changes to
the default lynx.cfg (I only change one more setting for me, user
mode to advanced), I haven't modified anything.


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