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Re: lynx-dev Re: help using lynx locally

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: help using lynx locally
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 21:59:34 -0500

The simplest escape to the local file system is g)o and for the URL to go to 
just type a full stop.  That's right '.' full stop.  And carriage return.  You 
should get a directory listing for whatever works out to be your lynx home 
directory.  From there you can navigate up and down the file system.  I do find 
I can't access the root directory for the disk volume, though.  This is with  

Lynx 2.8.2rel.1 (01 Jun 1999)

So use the capital-G 'G' to pre-load the goTo URL with the current 
file://localhost/c:/etc/ and edit from there to get across to another major 
branch of the file system folder tree.  Use what Windows calls "DOS names" as 
in mydocu~1 for "My Documents" etc.  These are 8 characters long ending in 
~<digit, ususally 1>.  So six character of the agglutenated form of the file 
folder name and ~1 and away you go.


At 07:21 AM 2002-03-27 , Webmaster Jim wrote:
>On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 12:53:21AM -0000, Chris Thomas wrote:
>> Dear James
>> I am in the throes of setting up a home page which I would like to be
>> accessible and found a reference to your Lynx browser at the RNIB site.
>> I've downloaded lynx 2.8.4 P5 successsfully and got it running so that
>> it accesses the web and it is already very useful.
>> However, I am having no luck accessing sites on my own PC (Windows 98)
>> using the instructions in the help document - lynx just does not seem
>> to be able to access my local page index.htm in its directory whereas
>> internet explorer, netscape and opera can.
>> Can you or your collegues provide a computer moron a simple
>> instruction to try so that I can a) start lynx without accessing the
>> internet if need be and b)then simply type in my local file name to
>> load? I presume I need to modify the lynx.cfg file but definitely need
>> expert help.
>> I would be exceedingly grateful!
>> Best wishes
>> Chris 
>> Dr Chris Thomas, Cambridge UK
>Chris --
>  You should be able to do this in a DOS window:
>  The following is likely to work, but hard to type:
>LYNX file://localhost/c:
>  No lynx.cfg modification required!
>Marvin the Paranoid Android says:
>It's no good just pressing that.
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