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lynx-dev Re: +[SurvPC] Re: [SURVPC] lynx download options...

From: ANDY
Subject: lynx-dev Re: +[SurvPC] Re: [SURVPC] lynx download options...
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 19:19:36 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Doug Kaufman wrote:

> This thread was just extended to the doslynx-dev mailing list, so I
> don't have the beginning of the thread. This question is appropriate
> for the lynx-dev mailing list, where the lynx developers are available
> to answer questions. Doslynx-dev is for DOS programs, including the
> DOS port of lynx.
> On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Alejandro Lieber wrote:
> > Use any TELNET program that has kermit (Conex is 
> > excellent) and conect to address:
> > Then navigate with LYNX provided at that address.
> > There, you can only download binaries with kermit.
> This might work, but overloads a public lynx binary (which should be
> reserved for those without their own lynx).
> > On 23 Mar 02 at 19:46, ANDY wrote:
> > > I am using Unix lynx to download a large 9Mb file from the web...
> > > 
> > > when downloading I used to get 3 options for download including "Use
> > > zmodem or kermit to download to local terminal" -this is the option I
> > > need... because
> > > 
> > > now I only get one option: "Save to disk" and I don't have enough
> > > available space on my ISP's unix machine to exercise this *one* option (:
> Lynx still needs to download the file to disk before forwarding it
> to you via kermit. The file is already on the disk (usually in a
> temporary folder) before you ever get this dialog. The only way to get
> more download options is to modify your lynx.cfg file. If your system
> administrator wanted to make things easy, the systemwide lynx.cfg
> can have a provision to read a file in your HOME directory called
> "lynx.cfg", so that you only have to put the DOWNLOADER lines in your
> personal lynx.cfg. If not, you need to copy the systemwide lynx.cfg to
> your HOME directory, then modify it to include the DOWNLOADER lines
> for kermit. Then start lynx as "lynx -cfg=$HOME/lynx.cfg". You can
> automate this with an alias or shell script.
> To see where your systemwide lynx.cfg is located and what it says,
> from within lynx goto (using the "g" key) "LYNXCFG:/". Near the
> top should be a line "Your primary configuration", which gives the
> location of the sytemwide configuration file. Copy this to your HOME
> directory, then edit with your favorite text editor. Search for the
> word "kermit" in lynx.cfg, then remove the commenting (the initial
> "#") from the line that starts:
> #DOWNLOADER:Use Kermit to download to the terminal:kermit -i -s %s -a %s:TRUE
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>                                    Doug
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> Doug Kaufman
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