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lynx-dev Graphics

From: Fiber McGee
Subject: lynx-dev Graphics
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:07:18 -0600

Forwarded message from " Bruce Burhans" <address@hidden>:

 Lynx people,

  Below is the first draft of
 a possible solution to the "graphics-on-websites
  Set up a spider that would go
through the websites and compile a file on
each web-page's graphic content, with the fol-
lowing possible contents-

 1)  Graphics non-existent

 { For the rest,where relevant, the
 position of each graphic would be derived from
 the HTML and indicated by a number on the
displayed page of text, but the actual description
 etc., would be on a virtual console...}

 2)  G  irrelevant, followed by a brief
description of them, like "guy in suit, smiling."

 3)  G  relevant, but a description will
do just fine:  ____________________________ .

 4)  G  important, and here it is in
a format that the simple program you downloaded
free last week can use to turn it into a usable
picture. Grayshade would do, preferably in text-
mode if possible.

 The directory would be available free
to anyone who wanted it, and updated regularly.

 So when I was browsing with Lynx, I could
just run another simple program that would put
the correct file on tty2, which I could check
with a keystroke.

 The program could also make a note when
the file for a page didn't exist, and record the
URL to be sent to the Graphics Directory site...


 If this is a hare-brained idea, please, when you
get done telling me what a stupid moron I am,
explain just exactly *why* I am....
 I realize that there are a lot of sites, but
I also realize that they will always be coming up
with new things to defeat Lynx and w3m, et al.....
 So maybe doing everything at a single
location (or three) is the sensible approach.
 And if there's a better solution that i
can find or help make happen, let me know, please!


Bruce<+>  address@hidden

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