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address@hidden: lynx-dev latest status on java script support?

From: Philip Webb
Subject: address@hidden: lynx-dev latest status on java script support?
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:53:25 -0500
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020313 Henry Nelson wrote:
>> This isn't a gripe at anybody.  I am only stating that it
>> is worth trying to get a text browser that does javascript and
>> allows one to complete forms and download files if at all
>> possible.  These are the actions that probably mean the most in
>> day-to-day work and play.  There will still be plenty of things
>> that don't work, but we must take it one problem at a time.  Make
>> the links work.  Then try to render readable text on most pages,
>> then worry about more exotic tasks like what to do with binaries etc.
>>      I feel kind of bad because I do like to write programs in
>> C and experiment a bit, but I am not sure I have the knowledge to
>> hit the ground running in this particular area.  
>>      If there are any problems that lend themselves to a more or less
>> modular solution, I am certainly willing to pitch in and contribute.
> It can be done!  At this very moment there are at least three programers
> ready to go on Javascript support for Lynx, you, Kirk Reiser and Harland
> Christofferson.  If you three work together, I am sure it can be done, and
> done well.  Philosophical issues set aside, I am wholeheartedly rooting
> for you.
> One problem in the past with serious improvements to Lynx has been that it
> is often a "moving target."  Coordinate with Tom about perhaps using a
> certain snapshot among the Javascript support team for development.
> Go for it!  This is probably the last opportunity for Lynx to get JS
> support.  What makes this a prime opportunity is that there are so many
> of you.  Already three _individuals_ over a period of about 4 years have
> given up.

i can only second Henry's encouragement very strongly.
be prepared to do the work yourself: submit patches to lynx-dev,
Tom Dickey will assess them in his usual expert way (he's busy this week)
& Lynx users will also try them out: the result will be real progress.

for initial advice, see my other response today in this thread.

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