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Re: lynx-dev latest status on java script support?

From: Matt Ackeret
Subject: Re: lynx-dev latest status on java script support?
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 17:13:56 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Henry Nelson wrote:
>"Irritating" is putting it mildly.  As you say, it's downright criminal
>in certain cases.  I have javascript turned off, too, and if I can't get
>the information I need, I do make a point of writing the people.  In most
>cases, though, it is actually a blessing to not have commercial sites
>whipping me off somewhere I don't want to go to.
>> (In my opinion, about 80% of the JavaScript out there is totally
>> unnecessary, and 19 of the remaining 20% is due to lazy programming.)
>DITTO!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, just had to get it out of my system.)

Egads, I can't believe I'm actually semi-defending Javascript.

I think that *most* of it is crap, but there have been some times when
it is used well on a site.

the one I can think of is  aah, I think uses a lot of javascript too now.

I also used to hate frames, but a semi-good example of frames

(I say semi-good because it still ticks me off that I can't go back to
the "date" lookup and have it still selected to the one I previously
used..  But the other advantages of the frame list were better than the
non-framed version.)

ANYHOW, my main reply was actually about filtering.  Personally, as long
as I have "create new windows" turned off in iCab's preferences,
JavaScript can be useful.  (And in the Preferences, I can turn ON that
ability for the few sites where I need/want it.)

Basically -- I would say that LIMITED Javascript can be better than no
Javascript (and _is_ in a few examples).   Heck, I go to a bunch of these
sites with GUI browsers only because the CLI borwsers can't handle the

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