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Re: lynx-dev dump without numbers

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dump without numbers
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:53:07 -0500

At 03:44 PM 2002-02-19 , you wrote:
>This is something I've run across
>with a number of users over the years
>as well as myself - if you have
>   keypad_mode=LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED
>in your .lynxrc file, there doesn't
>seem to be a way to use "-dump"
>without the links showing as

Did you test with the command line switch

lynx -dump -number_links:off

?  -- or any of the variations on that found in

I thought the command line arguments were supposed to supercede .lynxrc values.

Otherwise you can set the HOME environment variable to some directory where the 
.lynxrc in that context has the other setting (in a script before you invoke 

Try that before you get too deep in the source.


>I started looking at the source, but
>figured by the time I could determine
>where to actually do this, I'd have
>died of boredom.  Plus, I'd like to
>make sure it's done right.
>So, first off, what's the right way to
>do it?  I was thinking perhaps a
>different option (-dump_no_num).
>But there could simply be an option
>to override the number part, regardless
>of whether the user is in dump mode
>or not.  Suggestions?
>Next, where in the code does the
>actual dump happen?
>Finally, where can I go for pointers
>on submitting changes?
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