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Re: lynx-dev Lynx - Sound, Mail and Fury!

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Lynx - Sound, Mail and Fury!
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 13:09:12 -0500

At 11:49 AM 2002-02-14 , you wrote:
>I've seen such instructions around - but the files that begin with a period
>for Unix - and not for Windows.


What Windows are you running, precisely?

Do you have Real Player installed, and if you give it the URL for ACB radio,
for example, in the Real Player directly, does it play?

Don't hold your breath for Lynx to become a full-function shell in Windows
complete with mail.  This has been a frequent request long term and hasn't
happened yet.  You can install a mail tool via External if you get really
facile with the installation, for easy movement into your mail tool from a Lynx

Look into Mutt and competitors for a text-based mailer.  I don't know how much
it requires you to create some sort of mini-Linux environment, but these things
are available such as Cygwin.

Or as you are a ham, you may be geek enough to go all the way to Emacs which
really does run as a shell and do everything, in its way.  If you are
VI-oriented, there is VIM.


Are you running in Windows, and exactly what do you have in your mailcap file,
what is the exact filepath to it?  Is there anything you did to help Lynx find
the mailcap file?


>I have a lot of programs that work in Windows - which is fairly simple for me
>operate - so I'd like to be able to keep them.
>I wonder if anyone would be so kind to illuminate me to how I can do the same 
>thing as specifying a mime type in the Windows version of Lynx?
>I think it would be wonderful to have Lynx incorporate a very simple mailer 
>client - and a sound player that would activate when you selected a sound
>With those two things, it would be a dream come true.  Those who are sighted 
>could save the image files they wished to see and open with a image program.
>Lynx handles files so very well that it would be great to have some sort of 
>binding in the distribution to a sound player.
>Thanks so very much for the help.
>David Ring
>Thanks so very much.
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