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Re: RFC: change coming to lynx-dev archives

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: RFC: change coming to lynx-dev archives
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:16:12 -0500

At 07:43 AM 2002-02-12 , Henry Nelson wrote:
>> > Or perhaps provide a link to:
>> >
>> why?  (ukans isn't involved any more afaik)
>AFAIK, it is the *original* archive spanning the period February, 1994 to
>December, 1996.  JFYI, this archive is indexed and in html format.  If
>anyone knows of an archive which predates it, please write me off list.

1.  On social principles, Henry is exactly right.  If we are just providing a
link, we should start with a link to the source of the information,
particularly as the archive is still served from that location.

2.  It doesn't hurt to mention other mirrors that we might think have a better
chance of being served indefinitely, as a way of future-proofing whatever we
say in a web page.  But the human content of what we publish in the archives is
history, and _the history is_ that in 1994 etc. Kansas was very involved and
the one engaged in capturing those archives.

3.  Henry -- if you are interested in pursuing earlier archives, I suggest that
you write to Kansas.  Walk the university website, see if Michael Grobe is
still there, and if not see if you can guess who holds the job he had then.  I
would copy their library, as the library should actually be interested that
they own a key piece of internet history and in seeing that the archives are
preserved well.


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