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Re: lynx-dev file://localhost/foo/ X file:///foo/

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev file://localhost/foo/ X file:///foo/
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 12:20:13 +0900 (JST)

> I noticed file:///foo/ doesn't work with jumps. When I try to
> access a shortcut Lynx returns "Invalid hostname". I can only
> access them from the jumps page. file://localhost/foo/ works.
> BTW, who's to blame ? I changed it because I want to share my
> bookmarks and jumps (only the page since it doesn't support

The jumps _file_ is not a concept that can be readily understood in terms
of a www browser.  I think it is a carry over from an ancient age when one
of Lynx's primary functions was to serve as a pseudo login shell on a multi-
user, Unix-like system.  It was necessary to "trap" users into only being
able to execute certain programs (aliases) on a system.

AFAIK, jumps was expected to be referenced as a file, either with a full path
or relative to the directory from which lynx was executed, i.e., in lynx.cfg
you put a file name like "JUMPFILE:./.lynx/jmp.html".  IIRC, you cannot rely
on shell expansion (~ or $HOME), either.  Putting a protocol in there, e.g.,
"file: //localhost/~" was never intended to work.  The jump file is also unique
in that it must contain a jump to itself named "?" in order for it to work as

The jumps file is an entirely different animal from bookmarks.  If you want
something half-way between the two, you might find the i)ndex file more to
your liking.

Trying to change the jumps file to a bookmark thingy might have serious
security repercussions to people offering Lynx as a public-access service.


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