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Re: lynx-dev Re: Lynx with SSL on Win32 (was: Would you ever so kindly..

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Lynx with SSL on Win32 (was: Would you ever so kindly..?)
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 18:44:43 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Webmaster Jim wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 12:27:38PM -0500, address@hidden wrote:
> > ...
> > I don't want to be rude, so please forgive me if it seems that way.
> > I am a Lynx user and lament the lack of SSL in the Win32 ports.
> ... 
> I have been meaning to work on this with my Borland build of Lynx
> for some time, but haven't had the spare time to do it. There are
> other ports of Lynx for Win32 that you might also look at; the
> one included with the cygwin distribution is built with SSL. See
> for more details. You might need a lot more

You may need to be careful of licensing issues if you use a prebuilt
cygwin port of SSL-enabled lynx. When I last looked, they built
openssl with all algorithms enabled, including idea and rc5. If you
are in a country that recognizes software patents, this binary version
of lynx may not be OK unless you purchase the software licenses. If
anyone is going to distribute a W32 lynx binary compiled with openssl,
I would urge that consideration be given to compiling openssl with
configuration options "no-idea" and "no-rc5", so that this licensing
issue will not be a problem.
Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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