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lynx-dev -traversal -dump

From: Mahajan Sachin
Subject: lynx-dev -traversal -dump
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:15:01 -0000

Hi All !!
I am a first time user of lynx[on a HPUX 11.0 box].....and was trying to emulate a mini load runner kind of program for our website.

to test my site I used
lynx -dump -traversal $url > $file
and then went into a traverse all the URLs on the site.....this worked perfectly all right till the time a small flash snippet was added on to the site -which checked for a cookie and depending on it-- displayed the flash snippet followed by the logon screen or went onto the logon screen directly.Now since Lynx is a  text-only webbrowser.....whenever I give the command

lynx -dump -traversal $url > $file
it returns the following O/p
and thatz that !!!
I tried setting the parameters ACCEPT_ALL_COOKIES and SET_COOKIES to TRUE in the lynx.cfg but to no avail...I still get the [EMBED]

ouput.Anyonez got any ideas as to how I could just bypass this flash o/p and still traverse through all the links on my site ?????My boss is really taking my please mail if you have any ideas....

thanks in advance.

Sachin Mahajan.

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