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Re: lynx-dev Strange color behaviour.

From: bomfog34
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Strange color behaviour.
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 12:18:32 -0800
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On or about 07 Nov, 2001, Michel Such
<address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> Here is a problem reported by one of my friends (blind lynx user).
> It is the first time I see something like this and it is a real problem
> for screen readers that use colors to decide their behaviour
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> just found a Web page where Lynx/2 changes the color of the help lines
> at
> the bottom of the screen.
> Normal behavior is that the color on the help line (this is usually
> line
> 25) is the same as the one found at row 1, last column; the top right
> corner.
> Now on the following Web page
> the color on the help line changes.


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I believe it's a mark-up problem--the first <ul> is missing its
</ul>.  Put it in, and the help line color goes back to normal,
at least for me (2.8.5dev2 on cygwin).

There may also be error-recovery issues, though, I suppose.

Michael Warner       | Procrastinate now.
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