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Re: lynx-dev Getting a document title.

From: Michel SUCH
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Getting a document title.
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 07:11:27 +0100 (CET)

Thanks all,

The good place, based on 2-8-5dev3 source is in gridtext.c at line 1445,
just after the title is retrived and just before the page indicator is

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001 10:15:19 +0900 (JST), Henry Nelson wrote:

>> > > I have a routine to change the window title in OS/2.
>> > > In which source file could I plug it to, when a new document is loaded,
>> > > set its title in my switchlist.
>> > 
>> > I think LYGetFile.c is a good place to start (I'm not sure where, but
>> > that's where the document is loaded).  There are also a number of utility
>> > functions in GridText.c which return various pieces of information about
>> > the currently-loaded document.
>> > 
>> If you find a good place for such stuff, let me know.  I've long wanted
>> Lynx to set the same environment variables as metamail before exec()ing
>If by "title" you mean the information within the <title> tag of an html
>document, then it might make sense to tie your added functionality to the
>source cache (which is already easily configured out for people who only
>want speed out of Lynx).  It should be pretty straight forward to parse
>the source cache to pick up a single string.
>(Very different story from getting environment variables which may or may
>not be reliably provided by the server.)
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