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lynx-dev What was the directory structure when building Linx for Win32?

From: Wayne Garman
Subject: lynx-dev What was the directory structure when building Linx for Win32?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 20:59:44 -0800

It may be that only Wayne Buttles can answer some of these questions, but if anyone else knows the answers, I would certainly appreciate your response.
I found copies of zlib and pdcurses on the web -- afterall (  It is unfortunate that the documentation that explains how to build Lynx for Win32 using Borland C++ mentions the availability of these compiled libraries AFTER explaining how the sources should be downloaded from the internet and compiled.  I'm assuming that since Lynx is compiled for multi-threading that these were also.   Wayne, could you or someone else verify this?

What was the directory structure when building Lynx for Win32 using Borland C++?  Based upon the error messages I get when invoking makew32.bat, zlib is supposed to be in a directory called CURSES.  But I do not see where CURSES is supposed to go.  I think that I've tried every combination that seems reasonable.  I must be doing something wrong.

Would you please send me the directory structure and directory names that you used, and would you tell me where these additional files are supposed to go?

Also, lines 23 and 95 in makefile.bcb have back-slashes "\".  Shouldn't these be forward-slashes "/"?

Thanks for you help,

Wayne German







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