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Re: lynx-dev MSN vs. Opera?

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev MSN vs. Opera?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 05:54:23 -0500
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011028 address@hidden wrote:
> CNN Headline News last night was crawling a story
> that concurrent with the release of WinXP,
> MSN had modified its server to be more hostile to non-IE browsers.
> Chief victim was reported to be Opera.
> Has anyone heard more of this?  Is Lynx affected?

during Friday 011026  was not accessible:
i tried Lynx 2-8-4dev.19 & Netscape 4.7 & both got the M$ download screen.
by Saturday very early, the MSN site was open again to both browsers
& using Lynx i sent them a note to tell them how amazed i was
that anyone at M$ cb so stupid in light of monopoly concerns etc etc.
i suspect a junior employee is now pursuing opportunities elsewhere ...
011028 Thomas Dickey wrote:
> I've been using Opera in place of Netscape for some sites
> (though it doesn't do JavaScript afaik, so it can't replace Netscape),
> and have seen the usual ones which offer to upgrade my browser.

i've given up on Opera, which repeatedly gets lost downloading complex dox.
Netscape 4.7 is adequate & useful for image-heavy sites,
but even with my new hi-speed line Lynx remains my browser of choice.
a text browser gives you large clear consistent type
& you don't have all the blinking garbage to distract your attention;
you can also jump around the document with great agility
& find image URLs hidden in JS using cached prettysource (thanx again VH). 

> There was a followup which amounted to a disclaimer by someone at M$
> which stated that other browsers would work,
> but the "experience" wouldn't be as good.
> Terminology like that leaves me with the impression
> that they don't have anything of interest to me on their site,
> except some interesting pitfalls.

the MSN site is surprisingly banal, but also therefore quite text-friendly.
the M$ hack you quote was obviously trying to cover the corporate arse.

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