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Re: lynx-dev Why deleting config.cache?

From: Adrian Bunk
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Why deleting config.cache?
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 12:46:19 +0200 (CEST)

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Thomas Dickey wrote:

> > BTW: autoconf >= 2.50 does no longer create a config.cache unless you do
> >      explicitely enable it.
> I'm aware of that but also seem to recall that >2.50 has broken AC_CHECK_LIB,
> so I'm not recommending its use until I've checked for that as well as 
> retesting
> the script to see what other breakage I should fix.  (Between seeing 2.5x
> degrade rapidly into a nonconverging series of alpha releases - "2.52e" was
> cited as a "release" - and lack of time on my part, I've not done that).

I played a bit with getting lynx work with autoconf-2.52 and I did also
see some problems.

> while I'm replying to you (you seem to be the new Debian package maintainer
> for lynx):

Yes that's right. I do currently look through the bugs and I'll forward
any bugs that not in the Debian packaging.

> I notice a shift in the Debian bug-reporting system: it used to be stated that
> completed bugs would be removed when no further discussion had taken place
> for a month.  However, much of the list for lynx is in that category.  (It
> makes it hard to spot bugs that I haven't tried to fix).

There wasn't a change it's still:

   (Closed Bugs are cleaned out 28 days after the last related message is

Notice the "Closed": Only when the bug is closed (that means it's either
fixed in the package or it was an invalid bug report) it's being cleaned
out (and even then it's still archived and available via [1]).




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