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Re: lynx-dev rand/srand configuration problem

From: Fr3dY
Subject: Re: lynx-dev rand/srand configuration problem
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 18:27:30 +0100

      I configured lynx without using any existing config.cache file,
   and it worked. Now 'random' and 'srandom' appear next to lynx_rand
   and lynx_srand in lynx_cfg.h
   Can I use the new config.cache generated file for future compilations?
   I've put config.log, config.cache, config.status and lynx_cfg.h at just in case you wanna take a look
   (aceess to the files typing directly the URL, there are no direct
   links in the web...)
   So all rand/srand problems that people reported were caused by
   loading an old config.cache file? Bye!


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