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lynx-dev Using lynx as a filter

From: Miroslaw J. Wiechowski
Subject: lynx-dev Using lynx as a filter
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 14:31:39 +0200


I am trying to use lynx as a filter converting HTML emails
to plain text. 

When a mail comes to a certain address, a perl program is 
activated via the procmail mechanism. This program will
split the mail into header and body. Then the body is
converted from HTML to plain text in the following way:

    @txt = (`lynx -dump -width=65 $bodyfile`);

It works very well when I manually start this perl program.
However, when the program is started by procmail, the
variable @txt is simply empty. 

Also in the procmail log file there will be a strange

"Your terminal lacks the ability to clear the screen or position the cursor."

The Operating System is Linux.

Will be grateful for any comments.

Miroslaw J. Wiechowski

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