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Re: lynx-dev MacLynx

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev MacLynx
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 22:04:50 -0400
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010819 Doug Wilson wrote:
> I recently downloaded MacLynx b1 - (Lynx 2.7.1 port)

2-7-1 is now  c 4,5 yr old , ie long out-of-date.
there have been lots & lots of big improvements since that time.

> and am trying to learn how to use it on my Macintosh LC III

no-one has been supporting the Mac port for a long time.

> because I want to use a text based browser.

an excellent idea!  i have Netscape & Opera for Linux,
but use Lynx all the time for my daily sessions w the newspapers.
NB everyone, you can easily get at graphics hidden in JS etc via Pretty Source.

> I start MacLynx by clicking on the Lynx icon.
> This apparently opens the Lynx/Beta 1/index.html file
> A window then opens on the screen with the title "TextScape".
> I found that by pressing the "h" key I get to a Lynx Help Menu. (Great!)

`k' should list current key-bindings, which cb altered in  lynx.cfg .

> Here I found a "Lynx User Guide" 67 pages long.

now even longer ... (smile)

> I found that by pressing the "p" key I got to a print option menu.
> I tried the "Save to a local file" option so I could study it off line.
> This saved it as text as a local file in my Lynx/Beta 1 file folder.

yes, a basic use of Lynx.  also, you sb able to e-mail the file via `p'.

> Next I tried the "Print to the screen" option.

this is a relic of the days when Lynx started out on a campus network c 1992
-- the Age of Giants, as i call it sometimes -- 
& doesn't have a purpose for typical users today.

> This opened a new window and the text scrolled by too fast for me to read.
> When it got to the end, an error notice window appeared with the message:
>  Sorry, a system error occurred. MacLynx b1 680x0" error type 10
> The screen then hung up and I needed to restart the computer to continue.

no-one at lynx-dev is likely to help w this one.

> If I am just looking around can I go directly to a page
> without having to slowly step through each page in sequence?

you can w more recent versions of Lynx, but not 2-7-1 :
you sb able to number the links -- use the Options screen via `o' -- ,
then make a stab at some link number.  i always have links numbered.

> is Lynx-Dev the place to discuss learning how to use Lynx
> or is there a newsgroup specifically for tutorial type questions?

this is the place to learn, a mixture of users & programmers.
you can get basic training from my document `Lynx Help for Beginners'
at .

you can access a lot more Lynx info via
& get the most recent version for Linux/Windows from .

always send questions to lynx-dev, where everyone will see them.

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