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lynx-dev MacLynx b1 680x0 Error Type 10 when Printing to Screen

From: Doug Wilson
Subject: lynx-dev MacLynx b1 680x0 Error Type 10 when Printing to Screen
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 13:27:51 +0000

I recently downloaded MacLynx b1 - (Lynx 2.7.1 port)
and am trying to learn how to use it on my Macintosh LC III
because I want to use a text based browser.

After "Printing to screen" I get a fatal error message.

I have the following computing system:
Model Macintosh LC III
68040 ?? processor
System Software 7.5.3 Revision 2
RAM Total Memory 36,864K
160 MB Hard Drive
Network Layer ??
URL  ??
Open Transport

I start MacLynx by clicking on the Lynx icon.
This apparently opens the Lynx/Beta 1/index.html file
A window then opens on the screen with the title "TextScape".
I found that by pressing the "h" key I get to a Lynx Help Menu. (Great!)

Here I found a "Lynx User Guide" 67 pages long.

I found that by pressing the "p" key I got to a print option menu.

I tried the "Save to a local file" option so I could study it off line.
This worked OK and it saved it as text as a local file in my Lynx/Beta 1
file folder on my Hard Drive.

Next I tried the "Print to the screen" option.

This opened a new window and the text of the Lynx User Guide scrolled by
too fast for me to read. When it got to the end, an error notice window
appeared with the message:
Sorry, a system error occurred. MacLynx b1 680x0" error type 10
The screen then hung up and I needed to restart the computer to continue.

What is this "Print to the screen" option for? The "Lynx User Guide" was
already on the screen in a window titled "TextScape" so why would I want to
print it again to a smaller screen?

Why does it scroll automatically? Can I stop the scrolling so I can read
the document?

There are 67 pages in the "Lynx User Guide". If I am just looking around
can I go directly to a page without having to slowly step through each page
in sequence?

And by the way, besides reporting bugs, is this Lynx-Dev majordomo mailing
list the place to discuss learning how to use Lynx (Is this what
"increasing the usability of Lynx" means?) or is there a newsgroup
specifically for tutorial type questions?

I like the idea of a text based browser. I am sure all the help notes are
in there somewhere but I think it would be easier to have someone point out
the obvious instead of randomly poking around the keyboard until one
figures out on their own how to use Lynx. Is there some kind of "check
list" of things I need to do or know to use Lynx?

If there isn't one, perhaps we should create a test for a "proficency
badge" one could earn after learning how to use the Lynx browser. For
example, one might need to demonstrate how to start the Lynx browser, find
the help menu, go to a URL, save to a local file, etc.

I am real pleased to discover Lynx. It was recommended to me by my Freenet
Server Webmaster at the Yarmouth Community Net (YCN). It turns out that YCN
runs  Lynx on their server for text based access to www. We may be losing
dileup access to our Freenet Server despite a big effort to install a new
graphical operating system to attract new users. We have been having a
discussion on the merits of graphical vs text based server access and some
of us say "What is wrong with having just plain text email dileup service?"
However for YCN to exist beyond next April 30th at least two or three new
mature, geographically stable, highly experienced people in Unix type
operating systems need to be found who are willing to give their time
freely to YCN to help maintain the server. I am not too much help to YCN as
I hardly know the difference between Unix and Lynx so I thought I would
start with the basics and learn how to use Lynx.


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