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Re: pdcurses version (was: Re: lynx-dev some problems in 2-8-4rel.1)

From: Hataguchi Takeshi
Subject: Re: pdcurses version (was: Re: lynx-dev some problems in 2-8-4rel.1)
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 12:48:16 +0900 (JST)

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Thomas E. Dickey wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Hataguchi Takeshi wrote:
> pdcurses 2.3 is very obsolete.  I've mostly been using 2.4, but see that
> there is a 2.5 beta available from a few months ago.  (I haven't tested
> much of the 2.5, but seem to recall that it fixes a problem with
> pnoutrefresh - I'll keep that in mind).
> I recall seeing a version of PDCurses which was patched for Japanese
> support - are you using that, or the unpatched 2.3?  (If the former,
> then that may be a problem since I have the impression that it added some
> changes which are not in 2.4).

I'm using PDCurses which was patched for Japanese support.
I want to continue to use this version of PDCureses because
the unpatched one doesn't support Japanese input and I don't
think there exsits a patch for 2.4 or 2.5.

I would be glad if you adopted some modification for Lynx like
this patch.  Thanks in advance.
Takeshi Hataguchi
E-mail: address@hidden

diff -ru orig/lynx2-8-4rel.1a/src/LYStrings.c lynx2-8-4rel.1a/src/LYStrings.c
--- orig/lynx2-8-4rel.1a/src/LYStrings.c        Wed Aug  8 13:23:16 2001
+++ lynx2-8-4rel.1a/src/LYStrings.c     Wed Aug  8 13:25:00 2001
@@ -703,7 +703,7 @@
 #define GetChar() wgetch(my_subwindow ? my_subwindow : LYwin)
-#if !defined(GetChar) && defined(PDCURSES)
+#if !defined(GetChar) && defined(PDCURSES) && defined(PDC_BUILD) && PDC_BUILD 
>= 2401
 /* PDCurses sends back key-modifiers that we don't use, but would waste time
  * upon, e.g., repainting the status line

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