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Re: lynx-dev Keep-Alive

From: icole
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Keep-Alive
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 16:56:29 -0500

I have a need for a browser to use in a point of sale application that runs on
DOS and one of the key functions is doing price lookups which need to be quick,
under one second.  The connect and reconnect times blow about 2 seconds.

David Woolley <address@hidden> on 08/07/2001 04:10:53 PM

Please respond to address@hidden

To:   address@hidden
cc:    (bcc: Ivey Cole/360Commerce)

Subject:  Re: lynx-dev Keep-Alive

> Is there support for Keep-Alive in Lynx for DOS?  It appears there isn't.  If
> not is it something that is very difficult to add?

Why do you want it?   It's of rather limited value except when
loading multiple frames and multiple images to form a single
logical page.

The only time it might be of use is if you are crawling a site for
which you have had prior permission to waive the standard 30 second
delay between requests.  (I don't belive Lynx enforces this delay
so should never be used without prior permission.)

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