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Re: lynx-dev i cant get o

From: ydgroot
Subject: Re: lynx-dev i cant get o
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 22:15:00 (CEST)

>Lynx_kit used to have an old version of the DJGPP port of
>Recently, Rene Ludwig put the binary which I compiled into
>so the lynx binary should be the same as the one you get from
my web
>site. I believe that Rene is also using Toni Lopez's DOSPPP
for the
>dialup PPP connection.

Yeah I had that-one. I think it's from 1998 or something.
Right now I got the latest version from your site, I pretty
much bookmarked all the others I found. will start work on it

>Note that the package on my site does not have automated
>To use it, you would need to read the instructions and edit
the batch
>files yourself.
I know, that's why I picked it up cuz I thought it was all the
batch and setup stuff that was the trouble.

>If the problem is with the setup, rather than with the lynx
>itself, the DOSLYNX-DEV mailing list is probably more approp-
riate than

thank you. if I get the same problems again I'll go overthere.
I was sure it was something in lynx itself because I used
htget and wget and ftp *without* lynx i.e. just w* the packet
driver & they worked fine.

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