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Re: lynx-dev more javascript questions, Any Port in a Storm

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev more javascript questions, Any Port in a Storm
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 21:41:46 +0100 (BST)

> Perhaps the first step is to locate an online copy of the javascript
> protocol specification. 

I'm not sure you are really talking Javascript here, and Javascript
is not a protocol (what is commonly considered Javascript is really
a combination of the programming langauge, Javascript, and union of the
IE and NS4 browser/document object models), but:

Netscape Javascript and the proprietory document object model for NS4 are 
available as PDF files on their web site.

Internet Explorer's object model (and possibly a definition of JScript)
are available from their MSDN web site.

ECMA's standardisation of the Javascript language is available from

The W3C's document object models are available from  This only
covers documents, not browser automation.

NS6 uses ECMA Script as the core language, with parts of the W3C document
model and proprietory browser and document models based on the de facto
common ground between IE and NS4.

As far as I know, Lynx's document and browser object models are not
documented, and not exposed in a form that is optimised for scripting.

Although NS6 is trying to allow sites to work with W3C and ECMA standards
only, this doesn't cover browser automation, which is one of the main
commercial uses, and commercial sites using Javascript tend to execute
code dependent on the browser they think that they are running on - more
user agent lies.

A significant amount of commercial scripting relies on a full implementation
of frames, and some of the common problem code is associated with 
simultaneious display of popup and main windows.

There is some trend towards automating style sheets to obtain the desired

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