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lynx-dev pep talk: Opera, NN & Lynx

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev pep talk: Opera, NN & Lynx
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:10:53 -0400
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just to encourage everyone to keep maintaining & developing Lynx,
i can report that Opera 5.0 for Linux is not as reliable as Netscape Navigator
& that neither approaches Lynx for speed & manoeuvrability.
despite now having the GUIs, i continue my daily news-junkie sessions with Lynx,
turning to the others only for image-prone sites re science or space topics,
which even then are often easier to read with Lynx.

Opera's install script failed to copy files to sensible (or any) places;
its help button doesn't work (it looks for  file://helpindex.htm !);
it stalls getting material from subordinate URLs which NN grabs easily.
i've reported the bugs to their support dept,
using the excellent Lynx edit-form-input facility, of course ... 

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