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lynx-dev order of cfg reading

From: Erika Pacholleck
Subject: lynx-dev order of cfg reading
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 21:33:26 +0200
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I could not find any statements about the order the configuration
files are read at startup.

That will effect how to use INCLUDE restrictions.
Supposed I have as well systemwide and personal files
- .profile
- .lynx.cfg
( + one additinal /etc/lynx/previliged.cfg )
how is the "official" order of reading in those files at startup?

A value not defined in the cfg's will use userdefs.h, no problem.

But if it is done like some progs do, read the personal one and
only if this is not present fall back to the systemwide, a user
might just get the sources, take the example cfg and change all
the values to his gusto (including what I do NOT want him to use).

And if the systemwide is always read in first, I could define the
values there and do like the docs say INCLUDE:~/.lynx.cfg:<allow>.
But how then do I allow a previliged user to include also the
previliged.cfg - as the former INCLUDE will inherit the <allow>
values to ~/.lynx.cfg and the previliged.cfg will be forbidden.

All kinds of further information highly welcome.
Thank you.

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