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lynx-dev revised patch: default colors

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev revised patch: default colors
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 01:27:57 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

[ yet again, this didn't reach lynx-dev: something is wrong somewhere.
is it possible that the list manager has misapplied his filter
& messages are being intercepted which contain some innocent word?
anyway TD, if this doesn't reach lynx-dev either,
could you please forward it there yourself, perhaps with your comments? ]

TD didn't really answer my question (smile):
 lynx.cfg  contains a default offering which has little authority,
so leaving it there is merely to retain an old arbitrary choice a/a a new one.
anyway, HN has a good point & i hope the patch below will meet his approval
and get into dev.21 , depending on other comment (incl TD's).
BTW there is a small discrepancy between "SVr4 curses" & "ncurses":
perhaps TD can sort that bit out.

--- old/lynx.cfg        Tue Feb 27 17:50:52 2001
+++ new/lynx.cfg        Mon Apr  2 11:33:38 2001
@@ -2755,44 +2755,40 @@
 .h1 Appearance
 .h2 COLOR
-# COLORS (only available if compiled with SVr4 curses or slang)
-# The line must be of the form:
+# Colors are available only if you compiled with SVr4 curses or slang.
+# Users can define their own choice of colors here with a line of the form:
 # COLOR:Integer:Foreground:Background
-# The Integer value is interpreted as follows:
+# where `Integer' is interpreted as follows:
 #   0 - normal                      - normal text
 #   1 - bold                        - hyperlinks, see also BOLD_* options above
 #   2 - reverse                     - statusline
-#   3 - bold + reverse              (not used)
+#   3 - bold + reverse              - not used
 #   4 - underline                   - text emphasis (EM, I, B tags etc.)
 #   5 - bold + underline            - hyperlinks within text emphasis
 #   6 - reverse + underline         - currently selected hyperlink
 #   7 - reverse + underline + bold  - WHEREIS search hits
-# Each Foreground and Background value must be one of:
-#   black         red            green         brown
+# `Foreground' and `Background' must be one of:
+#   black         red            green         brown       default[*]
 #   blue          magenta        cyan          lightgray
 #   gray          brightred      brightgreen   yellow
 #   brightblue    brightmagenta  brightcyan    white
-# or (if you have configured using --enable-default-colors with ncurses or
-# slang), "default" may be used for foreground and background.
-# Uncomment and change any of the compilation defaults.
+# [*] `default' may be used only if you use ncurses or slang
+# and configured with  --enable-default-colors ;
+# NB you may have to experiment to identify `default' for your terminal type.  
+# The default offering below was suggested by Laura Eaves
+# as being especially helpful for users with poor vision:
 # If built with a library that recognizes default colors, initializes it

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