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lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.20

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.20
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 21:03:56 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2001-04-01 (2.8.4dev.20)
* rename KEYMAP 'EXTERN' to 'EXTERN_LINK', adding 'EXTERN_PAGE'.  Existing
  keymaps should work since 'EXTERN_LINK' matches first.  EXTERN_PAGE runs the
  external command on the current page.  Map comma (,) to EXTERN_PAGE -TD
* replace most calloc calls with typecalloc or typecallocn -TD
* modify LYExtern.c to recognize if more than one EXTERN command has been
  defined in lynx.cfg for a given name, and allow the user to select one
  command from a popup menu -TD
* split-out code that opens lynx.cfg and lynx.lss as LYOpenCFG() function,
  making that check if the given pathname is absolute.  If not, it attempts
  to look in the same directory as the parent file (when processing includes),
  or the directory of the default config file -TD
* replace some explicit "r", "w", and "a+" fopen modes with TXT_R, TXT_W and
  TXT_A, add/use corresponding BIN_R, BIN_W, BIN_A definitions.  Correction to
  OpenHiddenFile(), which would have appended text to a binary file -TD
* combined lynx_html_item_type and lynx_printer_item_type structs as
  lynx_list_item_type to simplify LYReadCFG.c and incidentally fixing a bug in
  add_printer_to_list by merging it with add_item_to_list -TD
* implement a simple workaround for staircased messages from running xli as an
  external viewer, with lynx_nl2crlf() function -TD
* add bright-blue.lss sample (from IZ) -TD
* modify's to use symbol _O for object suffix to allow simple
  override for OS/2 EMX -Zomf compiler option (request by IZ) -TD
* add HAVE_LYHELP_H definition in config.hin and use that in LYGlobalDefs.h
  to workaround misuse of HAVE_CONFIG_H in makelynx.bat -TD
* work-around in LYrefresh() when curses pads are used, for special case where
  cursor is not set properly when prompting with long subject line for mailto
* eliminate some pointer mismatch compiler warnings in LYEditInsert() for
  EXP_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT configuration -TD
* improve handling of tables with respect to bad HTML.  Also took an
  opportunity to macroize a couple of places which missed in
  unobfuscation-of-faking <td></td> (this faking happens when line break
  happens in a non-first column of a table) -IZ
  For example:
             <FORM ACTION="FrameWork.class" METHOD="post">
  Note FORM which spans cells.  -trace'ing it gives very unintuitive
  results: it skips </TD> inside FORM, but not <TD>.  Then it supplied
  </TD> when the FORM ends.
* repair treatment of colspans in TRST, making it work again in one of the
  special cases it worked before.  Another bug was in interaction of
  justification and tables -IZ
* marked more TRACEs in TRST as "BUG"s -IZ
* TRST would sometimes produce non-intuitive results if <td> follows </tr>. 
  Add error recovery for this case -IZ
* corrections for nested-table configuration -IZ
  + make trailing <BR> in table cells "behave well" again (the following cell
    would not be horizontally offset).
  + fix highlighting of multiline links inside tables, and a "80M tracelog" bug
    (due to a misprint update of the enclosing table was performed once-per-row
    instead of once-per-table).  Extra updates would not hurt, but led to
    slowdowns and quadratic-size logs.
  + fix a special case with table-in-table for partial-display
* resizing a window on a console may lead to a switch of the character-cell
  size.  The "downloaded font" loaded during an auto-switch of display-charset
  may be no longer valid.  In this case, force a re-download of the suitable
  font for the current charcell size -IZ
* add reverse-video style for forwbackw.arrow to lynx.lss -TD
* while an error in .lynx-keymaps is fatal, but a more or less equivalent error
  in the KEYMAP section of lynx.cfg is benign.  Make them both benign -IZ
* change remaining uses of lookup_keymap(LYK_xxx) to LAC_TO_LKC0(LYK_xxx) -TD
* modify set_clicked_link() to return lynx keycodes rather than character
  values -IZ
* remove line_for_char() function since it is used for HTLine.start
  computations -TD
* several changes to GridText.c -IZ
  + '#' (shown at the UL corner when there is a toolbar) is shown even at the
    beginning-of-the document.
  + with mouse enabled, the first 6 chars in the UL corner were "always"
    sensitive to Click-1, behaving as PREV_DOC (usually on Left).  This patch
    changes this logic (for color-style):
       If '#' is shown there, clicking on it behaves as pressing #;
       Clicking on the next 6 chars behaves as PREV_DOC/NEXT_DOC (3+3);
  + if you define a style for forwbackw.arrow, then suitable arrows are shown
    in these 3+3 positions; in fact they are shown only if it makes sense to do
    PREV_DOC/NEXT_DOC, providing additional feedback.
  + remove the first empty line shown on any HTML document.
  + correct an off-by-one error in the removal-of-zero-length-markup logic. 
    Due to this bug, zero-length markup was never removed, which led to
    accumulation of style change entries, eventually to a buffer overflow.  At
    this moment lynx color-style engine would give up, resulting in
    incomprehensible ocean of colors on the display.  To demonstrate, make a
    select entry with more than 46 entries.  [My auto-display-charset logic
    added 2 new encodings to the table of Lynx, bringing the number to 46 on
    the 'o'ption form.  ;-]
  + fixes a bug with incorrectly calculated width of a numeric tag [12]
    as far as 12 is 10 or more (still fixes Debian #68542).
  + remove unused members from HTLine struct.
  + make variables underline_on and bold_on private.
  + rewrote insert_blanks_in_line(), splitting out move_anchors_in_region().
  + make split_line() easier to maintain by adding variables to represent
    common subexpressions, e.g., s_post, s_pre.
  + use set_style_by_embedded_chars() in split_line() to simplify/improve test
    for whether lynx should add a bold/underline control.
  + recode to eliminate HTLine.start
  + recode to eliminate HTLine.chars
  + several changes to split_line(), using pointers to HTChangeStyle structs
    rather than array indices.
* adjust some ifdef's to make configure --disable-trace compile -TD
* correct allocation size in mailcap_substitute(), which did not count the
  trailing null -TD
* add configure --enable-vertrace option, to put __FILE__ and __LINE__ into
  trace log -PG
* improve description of USE_MOUSE in lynx.cfg -PW
* fix a few warnings from antic (unreached statements due to quirks of ifdef's,
  incorrectly-indented code) -TD
* eliminate a few references to USE_HASH and LINKEDSTYLES in documentation -TD
* fix a couple of compiler warnings for SCO (report by BL)
* fix a comparison in HTChunkPutUtf8Char() to work with EBCDIC -PG
* fix a typo in LYCharUtils.c CTRACE macro, amend tracing to avoid suppressing
  a related user message -PG
* change CF_TERMCAP_LIBS configure macro to warn rather than exit with an error
  if it cannot find the libraries it is looking for.  This allows one to
  configure with the slang library on systems without a termcap library (report
  by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD

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