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lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.19

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.19
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 21:53:43 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2001-02-26 (2.8.4dev.19)
* add experimental configure option for post-dev.16 TRST changes by IZ
  (--enable-nested-tables), ifdef'd with EXP_NESTED_TABLES -TD
* correct a couple of places that used attrset() rather than wattrset(), which
  caused the status line to lose color when configured for curses pads but not
  using color-style (report by Fr3dY <address@hidden>) -TD
* add a restriction for the chdir command, so it is not normally enabled in
  anonymous mode -TD
* reduce putenv logic for presetting $LINES and $COLUMNS to a special case
  for MVS -PG
* enable pasting an URL into Lynx (similar to 'g'), and improves the code to
  copy an URL from Lynx -IZ
* remove arbitrary restrictions on the size of text to be pasted.  It also
  makes a quadratic algorithm into a linear one.  Also, it may remove many bugs
  when the text to paste contains non-printable chars.  Not tested with Unicode
  and on Win* -IZ
* implement an action NEXT_DOC, which undoes what PREV_DOC (usually on the
  Left-arrow key) does -IZ
  Possible enhancements:
  a) make HISTORY show the position on the (no more!) "stack".
  b) several places in the source use the value of nhist (they scan
     history?).  Make nhist_extra public, and check whether these
     places want nhist + nhist_extra instead.
  c) Currently LYpop() and (some) LYpush() erases "the tail" of the
     stack.  Maybe some callers would prefer a different semantic...
* correct some logic related to EXP_READPROGRESS -IZ
* change LYE_xxx symbols to an enum LYEditCodes -TD
* replace some WIN_EX ifdef's by CAN_CUT_AND_PASTE.  Enable cut and paste on
  OS/2 -IZ
  For example, in the keymap file:
    setkey "\200\4"             LAC:DO_NOTHING:PASTE    # S-insert
    setkey "^(kIC)"             LAC:DO_NOTHING:PASTE    # S-insert
* enable automatic switching of display charsets -IZ
  Currently, it is supported under OS/2 only.  A couple of lines should make it
  work in LINUX too:  express the semantic of _Switch_Display_Charset() in
  terms of the existing UCChangeTerminalCodepage.
  For example, in lynx.cfg:
    CHARSET_SWITCH_RULES: koi8-r ISO-8859-5 windows-1251 cp866u KOI8-U :cp866, 
iso-8859-1 windows-1252:cp850
  The first variable may be not needed outside of OS/2 (the directory which
  contains glyph tables, as generated/usable with tfont).  [Used for
  full-screen sessions only.] The second variables may go at the future, when
  Lynx knows how to auto-deduce it itself.  Format of CHARSET_SWITCH_RULES
    source1 source2 source3 : dest1, source4 source5 : dest2
* move a call for _scrsize() from LYSystem() to size_change(), to fix problem
  with OS/2 EMX related to screen-size changes -IZ
* correct a bug in TRSTable.c which left a pointer into a chunk which was
  reallocated elsewhere (report by Robert Mognet <address@hidden>) -TD
* make parse_restrictions() warn about keywords it does not recognize -TD
* rewrote restrictions_fun() in LYMain.c, making it use print_help_strings(),
  to show the actual restriction values, and listing restrictions that are not
  documented in the -restrictions message -TD
* if find-leaks if enabled, free the 'line' variable in HTReadProgress() -TD
* if find-leaks is enabled, undefine SAVE_TIME_NOT_SPACE in HTString.c to avoid
  seeing spurious leaks in HTSprintf/HTSprintf0 -TD
* add command-line option -trace-mask to specify optional traces.  Defined
  these: 2=color-style, 4=TRST -TD
* improve ifdef's for --disable-trace configure option, eliminating more unused
  code when NO_LYNX_TRACE is defined -TD
* make ifdef's for NCURSES and resizeterm consistent -TD
* add a call to wresize() after resizeterm() in case user resizes screen in
  ncurses pad configuration (report by IZ) -TD
* change entry for "bibp" restriction to "goto_bibp" for consistency with the
  other goto_xxx restrictions, and use CAN_ANONYMOUS_GOTO_BIBP (report by
  Robert Cameron) -TD
* add table entries for goto_xxx restrictions, which replace assignments
  overlooked in conversion to table in dev.18 (report by Robert Cameron) -TD

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