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lynx-dev fatle error with lynx v 2.4.dev18

From: klewellen
Subject: lynx-dev fatle error with lynx v 2.4.dev18
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 18:58:22 -0500 (EST)

hi folks,
since i wmon the list the adminstrator of the wonderful shell service asked me to report this.  also i was atleast one of those who
encountered the bug.
while using lnx 2.4.dev18 i got the following message.
a fatle eerror has occured with lynx 2.4.dev18.
please notify your system administrator to confirm the bug, and if confirmed
infor lynx dev
please include the operating system used and url where the error took
granted i'm paraphrasing.
the final note was
exiting l ynx with signal 11
and a core duped message.
the site i was using was
a newspaper site for the new york press here in nyc.

i should note that i have a stand alone version of lynx  dev 16 or 17,
whichever was the first with ssl enabled, and i did not encounter the bug
when visiting the site.
however, i have three times using 2. 4.dev18.
i know there has been some talk of a problem with this version and wondered
if we ae seeing the same thing?
please write eitehr to me, or to mr scott, whoes address is cc'ed in this
if it doesnot make it through,
karen l
Live Long and Prosper
Karen Lewellen, address@hidden

Net-Tamer V 1.08 - Test Drive

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