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lynx-dev Javascript/window resize/trading

From: Jim Meyer
Subject: lynx-dev Javascript/window resize/trading
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 14:08:45 -0800

Some curiosity questions:

Thanks for all your previous input, by the way.

As made clear by the trading sites that use JavaScript, it appears that
JavaScript is a problem to Lynx that will only get worse. I still really want
to automate my web browser and with the tools that I know anything about Lynx
seems like the best solution.  I can't find another  browser that allows total
keyboard control and that also allows me to capture screen output for use with
Expect. Opera, for instance is great with keyboard control, but (excuse me if I
don't know  enough to say this correctly) it seems to work directly with
bios and therefore skips the step necessary to capture screen data for Expect.
Are there any plans in the near future to include a JavaScript interpreter?

 I have an aquaintance who said it would be no problem to use APL to access my
financial sites. I am thinking there is chance it might solve a Lynx problem as
well. I am in the process of getting a form of APL and playing with it but I
thought I would bring it up to the Lynx group just for the heck of it. 

By the way, I am not a programmer by training, but am slightly by default, in
limited ways. Maybe I meet one of Thomas's definitions of "hacker." I am
actually a veterinary pharmacist. So if I am really off track, that is why.

And if anyone has any other ideas about how I might automate a web trading
site, please let me know. 


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