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lynx-dev Textarea bug with 'Links and form fields are numbere'

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: lynx-dev Textarea bug with 'Links and form fields are numbere'
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 01:42:24 -0500
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Consider this:

<FORM method=GET action="";>
  <textarea name=q cols=68 rows=8></textarea>
  <textarea name=r cols=71 rows=1></textarea>
  <textarea name=r cols=67 rows=1></textarea>


With numbers shows for links, the last textarea "overflows" to the
next row (though the requested size is smaller than for the last-but-one).
The last one has the number "10", BTW.  ;-)

Obviously, the code to fine-tune the length of the textarea ignores
the fact that some numbers have more than one digit...


P.S.  BTW, Thomas, this may be related to textareas "overflowing" to
      behind the right edge of the display within tables.  The
      "cols" is allocated when the textarea sits at the left border,
      but is not reported to the drawing engine (?).  Because of this
      the engine thinks that this column is very narrow, and moves to
      the right.  Then the "cols" is not recalculated.

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