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lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.17

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.4dev.17
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 22:00:49 -0500
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2001-02-08 (2.8.4dev.17)
* implement left/right scrolling and line-wrap toggle using '{', '}' and '|'
  characters, respectively.  This uses SVr4 curses/ncurses pads to make the
  whole screen treated as a viewport into a very wide screen -TD
* make do_check_goto_URL() table-driven to simplify it as well as combine the
  related messages into GOTO_XXXX_DISALLOWED -TD
* combine restrict_name[] and restrict_flag[] arrays to eliminate possibile
  ifdef mismatches, as well as to simplify the treatment of "default"
  restrictions -TD
* eliminate redundant symbols for color-style ifdefs (USE_HASH and
* simplify parse_style() by making most of it a table -TD
* correct logic in arg_eqs_parse() for OPTNAME_ALLOW_DASHES ifdef which made
  incorrect match for -display if -display-charset were given (report by IZ)
* revert a commented-out call to HText_cancelStbl() in HTML_TABLE case in
  HTML_start_element() from IZ's changes, which had the effect of changing the
  article color in deja-news for color-style configuration -TD
* fix off-by-one error in the END key handling (an empty line was shown at the
  end) -IZ
* makes END key always show a full last page of the document.  That is, even if
  the last line is already shown, it is moved to become the last line of the
  screen, so that as much as possible of the document is on the screen -IZ
* add -display_chars cmdline option, and additionally allows autodetection of
  the charset on the system which allow it.  This provides a way to switch the
  display charset other than via obscure manipulation with 'O'ptions.  (.lynxrc
  is not viable if you have different charsets in different windows.) -IZ
  The logic:
  (1) first autodetect;
  (2) then read cfg file, and if it is not "AutoDetect ..." (as the saved
      version says), grant the cfg file charset;
  (3) then read the cmdline, if it is present, but not "auto", then
      grant it, otherwise switch back to the autodetected one.
* allow TRST code to handle table-in-table.  There are now two cases only
  (modulo bugs) when Lynx will not show a table in a table form no matter what
  is the screen width:  when TABLE is inside PRE, and when there is a TAB
  inside a TABLE.  Both look like deliberate decisions, so I did not change
  these places in HTML.c.  But one may need to reconsider this at some
  moment...  Example of usage:  to process (my old copy of) DejaNews Power
  Search form (which has TABLE-in-TABLE, and multiline cells) you need screen
  width of 112 chars -IZ
* enable <BR> and <P> in TRSTables.  The table still needs to fit into the
  screen width without line wrapping.  A tiny bit of additional work may be
  needed to allow tables-inside-tables too; then any table should be rendable
  as a table after an appropriate screen resizing.  This patch also should make
  around 70% of TRSTable.c unreachable.  A lot of simplification can be made,
  and most of the current convoluted hackery may be removed.  Since this
  algorithm tries to align *all* the display lines of the table, in some rare
  cases it may need larger screen width than the old algorithm (the old
  algorithm ignores all but one of the display lines corresponding to the given
  <TR></TR> - and in most cases just gives up for the whole table if a
  multiline cell is but of the simplest form) -IZ
* add several traces and comments to TRSTable.c -IZ
* enable interrupting LYNX by any char bound to INTERRUPT -IZ
* add configure check for srand()/rand() functions, or alternatives with
  similar interfaces.  These are used in the SSL and experimental temporary
  file options -TD
* allow binding ESC to perform some action (such as INTERRUPT:ABORT, or
  something else).  It is useful only if the curses (or similar) package remaps
  all the reasonable escape sequences, so Lynx internal escape-sequence
  processing is not needed -IZ
* enable showing the region between mark and point in the edit areas in a
  different style.  The style names are and
  edit.prompt.marked -IZ
* add visible feedback for special case of unactive current text area which may
  exist with -tna.  The corresponding style is edit.current -IZ
* add FORW_RL and BACK_LL to edit bindings support to allow cursor forward and
  backward respectively to move to the next/previous link if done at the end of
  the edit-field -IZ
* update several configure script macros to smooth over incompatibilities
  in autoconf 2.49c (alpha).  In particular, this eliminates support for
  changequote(), and adds limited support for OS/2 -TD
* add google to list of search engines in lynx_help_main.html -LP
* minor formatting of help message -Michael Warner
* modify GetStdin() function in LYMain.c to allow -stdin option to read past
  a line consisting of "---" (reported by Michael Warner) -TD
* ifdef'd bibp: support, added configure option --disable-bibp-urls -TD
* add experimental support for bibp: URLs as described in
  (patch by Rob Cameron <address@hidden>).
* change sed delimiters in to avoid using '@', which may appear
  in AFS pathnames (report by Martin Mokrejs <address@hidden>) -TD
* fix missing call to LYCloseTempFP() in LYPrint.c, which caused attempt to
  mail a file from the PRINT menu to send an email with a blank body.  It looks
  like this would happen for any platform not using LYPipeToMailer() -DK
* change pointers for RFC's from to, since
  the former appears outdated -Michael Warner
* add undef for HAVE_DELSCREEN to config.hin, so the delscreen() ifdef from
  dev.16 works as intended -PG
* workaround in CF_CURSES_FUNCS for overzealous compiler that optimized away
  the test code -TD
* change order of checks by CF_NETLIBS and CF_SSL macros in configure script,
  since SSL libraries depend on network libraries (reports by Martin McCormick
  <address@hidden>, IZ) -TD

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