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lynx-dev Minimal comment parsing

From: Mark Sutton
Subject: lynx-dev Minimal comment parsing
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 14:56:14 -0800 (PST)

Well, I managed to have trace running when minimal toggled. This was on
Debian (2.4.0, libc2.1.3, ncurses5, xterm[xfree86-4.0.1h(149)]).

STYLE.highlight.on: @(4,14).
CSS.CS:<alink> (3962)
CSS:LYAttrset (0x200100, 0x40000)
CSS.CS:</alink> (3962)
CSS:LYAttrset (0, 0)
GETCH: Got 0x60.
LYReadCmdKey(0) ->` (0x60)

Alert!: Minimal comment parsing OFF (Valid is in effect)!

CSS.CS:<alert> (3947)
CACHED: <alert> @(33,0)
CSS:LYAttrset (0x200900, 0x200000)
CSS.CS:</alert> (3947)
CSS:LYAttrset (0, 0)
SourceCache: Reparsing from memory chunk 0x82cd1b8

I did not push the backtick (0x0060) key! I hit the space bar, (0x0020).
On the Sparc type 4 keyboard I could believe I made a mistake since the
grave is just above the shift key, but not on the PC. I've seen this
happen with up or down arrows (0xff52,0xff54) as well. I don't seem to be
suffering from random key events generally.
0x0060 and 0x0020 are quite close in binary - 01100000 00100000 respectively
so I can see how aliens could toggle one bit just to mess with me, one
little cosmic ray gets through the magnetosphere and there is Mark scratching
his head, but 0xff52 and 0xff54, this is an all out attack! 8-]


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