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lynx-dev Error when compiling lynx with BC5.0

From: Mike Bledig
Subject: lynx-dev Error when compiling lynx with BC5.0
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:52:14 +0200


As previously mentioned, I am getting the following error in 
compiling Lynx DEV 16:

Info :Compiling C:\lynx2-8-4\src\lymain.c
Error:lymain.c(1118,33):Extra parameter in call to mkdir

I have found away to get past the problem.

If I comment out the extra parameter in the call to the mkdir 
function, a successful build of Lynx is achieved.  However, I feel 
that it's not quite the right thing to do though.

The offending peace of code is shown below:

1117:   if ((HTStat(lynx_temp_space, &dir_info) < 0
        &&  &
1118:           mkdir(lynx_temp_space, 0700) < 0)

Now if I do this:
1118:           mkdir(lynx_temp_space /* Error here, 0700*/ ) < 0)

No errors in the build.

By commenting out the extra parameter what would I be leaving out 
of  the build of Lynx? what is that extra parameter (0700) suposed 
to do?

Is there a better way to take care of this problem?

In BC 5.0, mkdir is prototyped in dir.h

Kind regards
Mike Bledig

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