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Re: lynx-dev SSL for Lynx 2.8.4

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev SSL for Lynx 2.8.4
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 11:36:08 +0900 (JST)

> ps are there any security - related code components I can help with?

Well, since you ask, admittedly as a non-programmer, but as one who
still offers free use of a machine's disk space by a public-access Lynx,
I have some doubts about the temporary file handling and the html-ized,
forms-based menus.  Mostly I rely on the security of the OS with regard
to permissions of the owner of the Lynx process, not on anything Lynx does.
It would be nice to put my full trust in Lynx.

I tend to be an advocate that too many people can spoil the soup.  There
have been at least four programmers/hackers working on and/or supervising
the temp file handling since I've been on the list (4 years), probably even
more when it comes to the internal forms.  Having one person review the
"whole picture" might do Lynx some good.


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