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Re: lynx-dev LYUtils and mktemp, and string2.h warnings (glibc 2.2)

From: pg
Subject: Re: lynx-dev LYUtils and mktemp, and string2.h warnings (glibc 2.2)
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 08:22:18 -0700 (MST)

In a recent note, Thomas Dickey said:

> Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 09:08:24 -0500
> > > 
> > Does it even overrule the setting of "umask" to do so?
> I haven't tested that - also I recall someone saying that mkstemp is broken on
> some older vendor boxes.  I could write a configure check to try to determine
> if mkstemp's reasonably secure (but at the time, the person who was urging me
> to use mkstemp went further and wanted me to code in dependencies for behavior
> that were specific to his platform, so I put the whole issue aside for another
> time).
I tested on both OS/390 and Solaris.  mkstemp() creates files with mode 600.
tmpfile() deletes the file when it's closed (on Solaris by unlinking the
file before tmpfile() returns; on OS/390 by making a memorandum and
deleting it later.)  This behavior is ideal for some purposes; a problem
for others.  mkstemp() leaves it to the programmer to delete the file.

-- gil

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