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lynx-dev navigation by the LINK-element

From: Michael Nahrath
Subject: lynx-dev navigation by the LINK-element
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:42:16 +0100
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my first posting to this list:

Currently I only know two browsers that offer a UI for the
<LINK REL="..." HREF="..."> tag for navigation purposses.

One of them is Lynx.

The other is iCab (and the Mozilla developers are investigating how to use
it for the Mozilla/NN6 browser).

I dedicated a webpage to the LINK element (German/English):

My problem: 
In all public documentation about Lynx I did not find any that mentiones
this Lynx feature (except <> but
that page is mainly dedicated to iCab).

Do you know any documentation (except the source code), that explaines which
values for REL="..." Lynx supports in which way?

Maybe my page might even be interesting for developers. It gathers all web
resources I could find upon the topic.

Greeting, Michi

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