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Re: lynx-dev issue with sites using java

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev issue with sites using java
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 00:21:00 +0000 (GMT)

> >I've used Lynx browser for some time & am quite impressed with its speed
> >(around ten times faster than Netscape). I'm perplexed however about how to
> >deal with sites that incorporate java for automatic downloading of binary &
> >ASCII files  eg

The Java is used for a news ticker (I think).  The downloads are controlled
by JavaScript, which is completely different.

As failure to provide alternatives to scripting is a priority 1 violation
of the web accessibility guidelines, there may be a case for a prosecution
under the legislation which was successfully used to prosecute the 
Olympics site (by a blind Australian), although the fact that you could
use Netscape tends to mean that you personally would have problems doing so.

> >
> >The "htm" extension suggests to me that its possibly / probably one of those
> >horribly broken IIS disasters :(  Since I really do need to get data from
> >this site

The nature of the site, the use of htm and IIS all correlate.  IIS tends to
be used by Windows users who tend to be people that are more commercial than
technical.  IIS is not a specific issue here as the problems are client

> >regularly and the site is often the slowest on the planet I'd like to use
> >Lynx for the job. Is there any special procedure / technique / trick / hocus
> >pocus / etc that will let me download the data files (particularly ASCII
> >ones)  ??

You basically have to do \ and read the source.

In this case it is fairly simple, although I haven't noticed this idiom
before; the JavaScript effectively pastes the first item you select from
the pulldown list into the address field.  The URLs are all of the form:

with successive ones being a2, a3....

Quite often, all the list would contain would be an index value or part of the
URL, and you'd have to look elsewhere for the details.

Incidentally, I'm rather suspicious of IP addresses in URLs, although there
are legitimate uses for load balancing.

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