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lynx-dev Minimal comments parsing - toggles itself

From: Mark Sutton
Subject: lynx-dev Minimal comments parsing - toggles itself
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:27:24 -0800 (PST)

        I've noticed this for some time now, at least since 2.8.3dev18.
At first I thought it was just that the back tick is just above the
shift key on a sun type 4. But it does it on the Debian box with a pc keyboard
as well. So sparc/solaris5.6, lynx 2.8.3dev18, 2.8.4dev2, dev14 and debian
2.2 2.8.4dev7, dev14 all do this. Not all the time but sometimes up or down
arrow, space bar or the one that made me write this "b". I haven't seen it
yet on cygwin yet since I don't use that much. The sparc instance may run
for several days and not do it especially if turn trace on. Is there an easy
way to pair down the trace output CSS: generates a lot.


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