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Re: lynx-dev Lynx 2.8.3 with MingW32 and arrows (fwd)

From: Fiber McGee
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Lynx 2.8.3 with MingW32 and arrows (fwd)
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 23:14:36 -0600

The message below from Andreas Fehr
address@hidden> was forwarded by one
of the list maintainers.

(I added lynx-dev as Cc. If this is not correct, please tell me.)

On 2000-11-13, 17:41, Doug Kaufman wrote:

DK> On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Thomas E. Dickey wrote:
DK> > On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Fiber McGee wrote:
DK> >
DK> > > The message below from Andreas Fehr
DK> > > <address@hidden> was forwarded by one
DK> > > of the list maintainers.
DK> > >
DK> > > >I have a problem with compiling 2.8.3 with MingW32 and slang support.
DK> > > >
DK> > > >In fact compiling works, but the lynx.exe is not usable. I can start it DK> > > >and load some page with 'G)o' but I'm not able to navigate the page with DK> > > >the arrow keys. I was not able to set them correct and navigating in vi
DK> >
DK> > I think I observed that (I test-built the slang version with cygwin -
DK> > arrow keys don't work), and noted that in the change log for OS/2
DK> > (similar configuration).  I'm not sure who maintains the slang port
DK> > (my own interest is ncurses).
DK> I don't know if anyone maintains the SLang port, but I compile the
DK> cygwin port of lynx with both ncurses and slang. It works fine for
DK> me using either. The arrow keys all work. This is with 2.8.4dev.10
DK> as the last build that I did. I have never tried to compile with
DK> MingW32. I would check to be sure that you compiled slang correctly.
DK> It does not use the configure script, but creates the makefile from
DK> a master makefile (I think in separate subdirectory). I also looked
DK> at a PDCurses build, but PDCurses doesn't seem fully functional under
DK> cygwin. The slang port doesn't require a termcap or terminfo database.
DK> The ncurses version of the cygwin port doesn't display properly
DK> with the cygwin terminfo description that comes with ncurses, but
DK> seems to do fine with the cygwin termcap that comes with the current
DK> distribution of cygwin.

Slang compiles correct and works correct. I use slrn as news reader and
this works without problems. Both, slang and slrn, are compiled with
MingW32 so I think my slang is OK.

If you may give me a hint, where (file and function) to find the cursor
(arrow) handling, I may give it a try and dive in the code.
But I don't like to (and don't have the time) to find the correct file
and function myself. I thought it is in LYMainLoop.c, but there are to
many #ifdefs than I could figure out within 5 minutes. So some hint
would be appreciate.

Mentioning 2.8.4, I tried to compile it but the compiler fails on
LYMain.c, line 1298 complaining about an undefined 'LYNX_CFG_FILE'.

And finally, if I don't get slang working,

Thanks for your help

Andreas Fehr

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