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Re: lynx-dev Lynx 2.8.3 with MingW32 and arrows

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Lynx 2.8.3 with MingW32 and arrows
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 05:40:04 -0500
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On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 05:52:58PM -0800, Doug Kaufman wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> > On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 05:30:31PM -0800, Doug Kaufman wrote:
> > 
> > > cygwin. The slang port doesn't require a termcap or terminfo database.
> > 
> > but can you redirect its output to a file?  (it's pretty much a clone of
> > PDCurses in that environment -- same interfaces).
> Do you mean with the "-dump" or "-source" options? If so, I believe
> the answer is yes, but I can't be sure whether I tested this on the
> ncurses or slang build. I'll recheck. If you don't mean with the
> "-dump" or "-source" options, I need more explanation of the question.

roughly that (my recollection was that slang wasn't using stdout for
writing to the screen).
> > > The ncurses version of the cygwin port doesn't display properly
> > > with the cygwin terminfo description that comes with ncurses, but
> > > seems to do fine with the cygwin termcap that comes with the current
> > > distribution of cygwin.
> > 
> > I haven't seen any problems with the terminfo (but someone pointed me to
> > some optimization improvements last week - the only visible effect that
> > I know of is that it would let lynx paint the lower-right corner, which
> > isn't a big deal for lynx).  Is there a specific problem that I should
> > look for?
> Let me go back and get the details on this. I know that I had a
> problem with the cygwin terminfo, but it may have been using less,
> rather than lynx, with problem wrapping text at the right margin.
> I'll try to write to you privately if it is really a ncurses rather
> than a lynx problem. Have you looked at the new termcap that is being
> distributed with cygwin? Should I include it with a reply?

I haven't seen it (I'd like a copy for reference).  I did see a terminfo from 
Ernie Boyd which is a patch
from May of this year.  (I spent an hour or so on Saturday working through
the differences and discarded about 1/4 of the changes since they weren't
correct, but for the rest there were some feature enhancements that I
wouldn't have noticed otherwise).  But I don't see any changes that relate
to wrapping.  (less uses termcap, of course)

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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