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lynx-dev lynx 2.8.3; Mandrake 7.0; DE

From: Fiber McGee
Subject: lynx-dev lynx 2.8.3; Mandrake 7.0; DE
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 11:39:19 -0600

The message below from sovo
<address@hidden> was forwarded
by the list moderator.

Hello DevelopRs,

having now joined the Lynx users community I am really surprised about
the speed it displays websites to me, especially since I have only got a
modem and I had used Netscape before. I didn't expect to go up to three
times more quickly through the web ;-) - thank you at this stage.

I have noticed a few mal behaviors. The first is when I try to change a
recommended filename or text field entry in a download, setup or
filename dialog my BACKSPACE key deletes the first few letters. Just in
the middle of the word it changes its mind and goes back to the right
side. I am really confused because I think what Lynx displays is not the
same what it recognizes.

The second doubtably behavior occurs when I browse through a
document. Sometimes it double- display the previous selected link right
next to the link again, might look like


But only if I joined the link before with my cursor. At form selection
fields !sometimes! it cannot display the entries one below the other but
below and next to the other that it looks like

   field one
   fielfield two
     fiefield three.

And once again, I loose orientation.

Well, it all seems like Linux environmental stuff to me, but I am no
professional and other applications don't show this mood, i.e. pine
works without any misunderstanding. Other virtual consoles didn't change
anything (I use 'konsole' on KDE).

Could you please help me?

Thank You


Yours S=F6ren from Germany.

Ps.: Maybe you might make a good usage of the attached config files.

              0170 820 80 20

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