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Re: lynx-dev the "show images as...." option?

From: Patrick
Subject: Re: lynx-dev the "show images as...." option?
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 16:29:45 -0800

In "lynx-dev the "show images as...." option?"
[03/Nov/2000 Fri 19:24:08]
karen lewellen wrote:

> hi floks,
> again, perhaps i am just being picky, and maybe this was changed in the b386
> editions, although i doubt this.  in the options menu, options marked with
> an ! cannot be changed save for that particular session.  meaning if you
> want to change something again, and it is so marked, you must do this
> everytime.  why is the "show images asa.." option one of thease, and can i
> change this fact in lynx.cfg?  here is my reason the default is show images
> as a link, with the options being to show them as a logo, or to ignore.
> for me, using a screen reader, setting this option to ignore hasmany
> advantages.  for one thing, although i am careful i amnot perfect, and the
> option prevents me from bookmarking an image instead of a real link.  also,
> it makes the page shorter, leaving me with only real places to go, or in the
> event that the image really does cover a link, keeps me from ignoring that.
> now, i can imagine that as legal blindness runs a very wide range, some
> might want to set this differently, so i am not suggesting anything but
> allowing this option to be up to the user's desires.  or at least thisuser,
> if this can be changed in lynx.cfg?

I think the entries you want to change are:




They should both be set FALSE , like the example, also removing
the "#" characters from the beginning of the lines they're on
[just wondered; how do screen readers tell you you're on a new

The "*" key also toggles links-for-images while you're at a page,
without having to go through the options menu.

> thanks,

Oh, don't say thanks unless it works.  ;-)

> karen
> Make your own kind of music!
> Karen Lewellen, address@hidden


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