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lynx-dev the "show images as...." option?

From: karen lewellen
Subject: lynx-dev the "show images as...." option?
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 08:24:08 +0500

hi floks,
again, perhaps i am just being picky, and maybe this was changed in the b386
editions, although i doubt this.  in the options menu, options marked with
an ! cannot be changed save for that particular session.  meaning if you
want to change something again, and it is so marked, you must do this
everytime.  why is the "show images asa.." option one of thease, and can i
change this fact in lynx.cfg?  here is my reason the default is show images
as a link, with the options being to show them as a logo, or to ignore.
for me, using a screen reader, setting this option to ignore hasmany
advantages.  for one thing, although i am careful i amnot perfect, and the
option prevents me from bookmarking an image instead of a real link.  also,
it makes the page shorter, leaving me with only real places to go, or in the
event that the image really does cover a link, keeps me from ignoring that.
now, i can imagine that as legal blindness runs a very wide range, some
might want to set this differently, so i am not suggesting anything but
allowing this option to be up to the user's desires.  or at least thisuser,
if this can be changed in lynx.cfg?
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